History and Development

Founding Period

Our founder, Genzaburo Yano was born as the second son of Genemon, the prosperous tea farmer family in Uji Tawara. He estabilshed Yanoen in 1836. The 2nd generation, Sotaro Yano, dedicated himself to exporting tea products in the Meiji period (1868-1912), during this period, trading between Japan and America was the most flourishing.

Restoration Period

Yoshizo Yano, the 3rd generation of Yanoen, made efforts to focus on producing high quality green tea. He had promoted Yanoen's products to many top retailers in Japan, and had also received many awards on exhibitions and fairs before the war. His devotion is regarded as the fundamental base of Yanoen.

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Incorporation Period

Sotaro Yano, the 4th generation of Yanoen, established Yanoen Ltd. as a corporation in 1949 and became the CEO of Yanoen. With the main focus on producing high quality green tea, he also managed to reduce the distribution costs by intensifying the connection between production and consumption. Keeping the concept of small profit and quick return in mind, Sotaro Yano also insisted on maintaining the task of promoting and developing tea industry. With the implement of latest management strategies, Yanoen Ltd. has continued to prosper, and has recieved numerous awards on the annual tea exhibitions, including The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.