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Organic Matcha

Certified Safety & Security

Yanoen’s Organic Matcha is made of strictly selected tea farms who cultivate the organic tea leaves perfectly with the management system of organic tea farms. The contracted tea farms are always cultivate and harvest organic teas very carefully and overcome the all risks like unseasonable weathers or noxious insects. Yanoen’s organic tea is certified Organic JAS.

Organic Tea leaves from Kyoto & Kagoshima

Uji-Matcha, mainly made of leaves made in Kyoto is one of the most branded Matcha backed by its historical background. The quality of Kagoshima Matcha is very high and relatively reasonable by the plenty and stable yield in Kagoshima area.

Stable quality and supply

By the distinguished procurement ability and manufacturing technology and know-how by Yanoen, the stable quality and amount of its organic Matcha can be realized every year.

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