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Manufacture of brand products (OEM products)
  • Items that meet your company’s demand are realized by consistency in production, including purchasing tea leaves that matches with the item.

  • We also carry products in various packaging forms (bags, cans, teabags) to correspond to your custom needs.

  • Along with many years of experience of the skilled professional tea masters, and the use of the latest equipment, allows for safe and secure product manufacturing.

Yanoen’s Product (Packaged Products)
  • Tea masters apply their professional skills in creating fine products. Starting out with a unified design product featuring our original floral pattern design, we now have an alignment of rich variety of goods.

We are Certified Organic
矢野園 有機認証
矢野園 有機認証
Certified by the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR)
  • We are certified by COR, which means we are able to manufacture products to export overseas including Canada.



We dry tea leaves that were grown under a cover to prevent leaves from direct exposure to sunlight, and we also dry the leaves again after steaming.Such steamed and dried tea leaves are called Tencha. Ground Tencha is called Matcha. Our company produces high-quality stone-ground Matcha that is suitable for tea ceremony, and powdered matcha that is optimal as a cooking ingredient, as well as sterilized Matcha.

Stone-Ground Matcha

Tencha (dried tea leaves) is a type of tea, in which the leaves have been ground by a stone mill. Only about 35g can be made from one stone mill per hour. By grinding the leaves for a time, we produce a distinct matcha tea in regard to scent and flavour.


A tool that has been used for a long time. Without destroying the nutrients of the tea, it can draw out the taste, richness and aroma as well.

Sterilized Matcha Powder

Sterilizated Matcha powder is mainly used as food material compared to normal matcha powder. Our company can produce specified fineness of sterilizated Matcha powder.

Powdered Matcha
Powdered Matcha

Powdered Tencha is a finely granulated tea, in which a mass-production of the tea is suitable for food material.

Gyokuro (Refined Green Tea)

Gyokuro is a type of tea, in which the leaves have been slowly grown under a cover, preventing exposure to sunlight for more than 20 days since the sprouting of the first tea crop.



Kabusecha is a type of tea, in which the leaves have been cultivated under a cover for about 7 days before the first tea crop day. Its flavor has a combination of Sencha’s freshness and flavor of Gyokuro.



Sencha is a type of tea, in which the leaves were grown under the sunlight. You can enjoy its refreshing scent and elegant bitterness.



Its production method is the same as Sencha, but the tea leaves are steamed for two to three times longer. It is less bitter and is rich in flavor.



For Sencha and Gyokuro, the tea leaves, cauline (stem), and powder are sorted out during the final process after harvesting tea leaves. Karigane tea is made from the sorted-out cauline part. The name defers depending on regions. While it is generally called “Karigane” in the Kansai region, it is also called “Kikucha” and “Bocha” throughout Japan.



Houjicha has the aroma of roasted tea leaves such as Sencha that has been heated at a high temperature. It is caffeine free and you can enjoy the tea that is characterized by its aroma and refreshing taste.



Genmaicha is a mix of roasted brown rice and other teas such as Sencha and Bancha. It has an aroma of roasted brown rice and refreshing flavor as its feature.



Konacha is a fine powdered tea that is sorted out in the final process after harvesting the tea leaves for Sencha and Gyokuro.